VOIP in UAE Policy Update


If you want to know how to access VOIP in UAE legally, then you should read the post. There is a news update to UAE VOIP policy.

A top Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) official said on Sunday, that
“The ban on Skype and other Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services in the UAE will continue and these services will be allowed only through licensed telecommunication operators – etisalat and du”.

As per the current VOIP policy in UAE, all VoIP services that use public internet are prohibited. However there are still some VOIP services which can be accessed in UAE freely, such can be found on VoipCallProvider forum.

Skype and all other major VOIP services are completely blocked in UAE. There are however some ways to get around. You can use a VPN hosted in foreign country and just connect to VPN. So effectively all voice call traffic is carried on the VPN server and you can use it from UAE. Your operator wouldn’t even smell a thing.

If you are in UAE and been accessing VOIP, please share your ideas/workaround with other friends here. There are literally hundres of people from UAE who send me emails everyday about how they can access VOIP in UAE.

I am also thinking of providing a VPN service for UAE users. We can look at community server where everyone contributes and maintaines a VOIP server.

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