Call India Landline / Mobile Cheap for just 4.77 fils [PC to Phone]

Call India CheapI am back after a long one year break. My last post was about calling India from UAE or abroad for a very cheap price. But just last month my fav US and UK VPN service provider GFXWebHosting, announced pc to phone VOIP calling service. Currently they are offering only 4 calling destinations. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Egypt. Although I have made a contact with them via sales ticket, asking about other destinations, they told me they have plans for other destination soon, but at the moment they want to focus on these 4 major destinations.

You wont find about their VOIP service details on there website, because they only informed via email to their VPN customers only, with a Direct Order link. Which I will share with you guys here in this post. keep reading…..

I was excited to try their pc to phone voip calling service, specially to India.

They introduced a flat $10 Calling credit. After my purchase, i had to wait like 30 mins to get my account details via email, which includes, pc2phone dialer download link, my username and password and how to call instruction.

Downloaded the software and installed it. Logged in, made my first call to India to my brother, The voice quality was excellent, I talked for like 47 mins straight. Thanks to GFXWebHosting for introducing GFX PC to Phone voip calling service. I would recommend to all my readers to try them out. you wont be disappointing. Specially to my Middle East readers, go and try it.

Now the best part, What is their calling rates? Much better then I had before.

with a $10 usd calling credit, you can call India for 770 minutes.

Destinations USD/min With $10USD Credit you can Talk
India 0.0129 770 Minutes
Pakistan 0.016 625 Minutes
Egypt 0.095 105 Minutes
Bangladesh 0.028 357 Minutes

So per min to calling to India is 0.0129USD, if i convert that to UAE dirhams then its

0.0129×3.7 = 0.04773 Dhs = 4.77 fils. TING!!!

Hello cards take that from GFXWebHosting. DANG!!


By the way if you are looking for best VPN service in UAE to unblock Etisalat or DU, I will highly recommend GFXWebHosting VPN Service. I am using GFX VPN for almost 1.5 years now in UAE. Never had a single problem, which other providers had.

Write your response in the comment section below. Let me know which country you call the most. I will try to get the best rate for that country.


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