Call India Landline / Mobile Cheap for just 4.77 fils [PC to Phone]

Call India CheapI am back after a long one year break. My last post was about calling India from UAE or abroad for a very cheap price. But just last month my fav US and UK VPN service provider GFXWebHosting, announced pc to phone VOIP calling service. Currently they are offering only 4 calling destinations. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Egypt. Although I have made a contact with them via sales ticket, asking about other destinations, they told me they have plans for other destination soon, but at the moment they want to focus on these 4 major destinations.

You wont find about their VOIP service details on there website, because they only informed via email to their VPN customers only, with a Direct Order link. Which I will share with you guys here in this post. keep reading…..

I was excited to try their pc to phone voip calling service, specially to India.

They introduced a flat $10 Calling credit. After my purchase, i had to wait like 30 mins to get my account details via email, which includes, pc2phone dialer download link, my username and password and how to call instruction.

Downloaded the software and installed it. Logged in, made my first call to India to my brother, The voice quality was excellent, I talked for like 47 mins straight. Thanks to GFXWebHosting for introducing GFX PC to Phone voip calling service. I would recommend to all my readers to try them out. you wont be disappointing. Specially to my Middle East readers, go and try it.

Now the best part, What is their calling rates? Much better then I had before.

with a $10 usd calling credit, you can call India for 770 minutes.

Destinations USD/min With $10USD Credit you can Talk
India 0.0129 770 Minutes
Pakistan 0.016 625 Minutes
Egypt 0.095 105 Minutes
Bangladesh 0.028 357 Minutes

So per min to calling to India is 0.0129USD, if i convert that to UAE dirhams then its

0.0129×3.7 = 0.04773 Dhs = 4.77 fils. TING!!!

Hello cards take that from GFXWebHosting. DANG!!


By the way if you are looking for best VPN service in UAE to unblock Etisalat or DU, I will highly recommend GFXWebHosting VPN Service. I am using GFX VPN for almost 1.5 years now in UAE. Never had a single problem, which other providers had.

Write your response in the comment section below. Let me know which country you call the most. I will try to get the best rate for that country.


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Call India Mobile for 8.36 fils [PC to Phone]

After searching for few hours and testing, I finally found a good voip calling service for Indian People from UAE Dubai or Saudi. etc (Middle East, Europe, USA)

The voip calling service provider is POIVY. A division of German voip company Betamax.

If you have Credit card/paypal then you can get this service. Click on the logo to visit there site. Site might be blocked in your country. so if its blocked then you have to use a VPN service to use there pc2phone software as well as there service. I personally use GFXWebHosting VPN Service. It’s cheap only $4.50 per month, no setup fee!  Plus i get US and UK VPN server to use any time.

Poivy need a minimum deposit amount of 10 Euro.  and thats it. Simply download there pc2phone software and login with the username and password they provided. start making call.

For 10 Euro you actually can make call to India for 666 Mins. Thats pretty Huge time.

Now things you should know. Best part is you can also make Unlimited Free calls to 30+ countries. List below:

Czech Republic
Russian Federation [moscow]
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States (+mobile)

Now you can make call to any of these country for free, but for 90 days only. after that normal rates apply.

Lets say your 90 days are over, but you want to call free to these countries, so Again when you recharge your account with 10 Euro , you get the free call renewed for 90 days.

Keep in mind that your 10 Euro will remain as balance to call India or any other country as those are not free.

Exchange rates in Poivy: 1 EUR = 1.4155 USD = 0.8730 GBP

India Landline rate is: $0.029 per min

India Mobile rate is: $0.022 per min

So if i convert the rate to UAE dirhams then it will be

0.029×3.8 = 0.1102 Dhs = 11.02 fils

0.022×3.8 = 0.0836 Dhs = 8.36 fils

For more rate details click here

Write your response in the comment section below. Let me know which country you call the most. I will try to get the best rate for that country.

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VOIP in UAE Policy Update


If you want to know how to access VOIP in UAE legally, then you should read the post. There is a news update to UAE VOIP policy.

A top Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) official said on Sunday, that
“The ban on Skype and other Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services in the UAE will continue and these services will be allowed only through licensed telecommunication operators – etisalat and du”.

As per the current VOIP policy in UAE, all VoIP services that use public internet are prohibited. However there are still some VOIP services which can be accessed in UAE freely, such can be found on VoipCallProvider forum.

Skype and all other major VOIP services are completely blocked in UAE. There are however some ways to get around. You can use a VPN hosted in foreign country and just connect to VPN. So effectively all voice call traffic is carried on the VPN server and you can use it from UAE. Your operator wouldn’t even smell a thing.

If you are in UAE and been accessing VOIP, please share your ideas/workaround with other friends here. There are literally hundres of people from UAE who send me emails everyday about how they can access VOIP in UAE.

I am also thinking of providing a VPN service for UAE users. We can look at community server where everyone contributes and maintaines a VOIP server.

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Skype softphone to make cheap international calls

– Download the latest software for whichever OS you will be using. FOR FREE
– If you cany find it online, buy a vpn and get access to the
– Install the skype application and signup.
– Use a Credit card to start the skypeout service ( A service to call PC – Land line or cell phone)
– US calls are $.02/minute which means you get 500 minutes for your $10. (minimum start balance) Calling UK is also about 2 cents!!
– International Calling Rates are crazy cheap for all kinds of calls.
– You will Need to buy a VPN if you are in UAE, Oman, Saudi, etc to use the service since skype is blocked by the ISP!

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Unblock Voip in UAE & Blocked Web Sites


People living in UAE, The United Arab Emirates need this service! If you are like many visitors to UAE one of the first things you would notice is the fact that the internet in UAE is not the way you are used to having it.

Well, apart from websites being blocked by the ISP (internet service provider) such as etisalat and Du Telecom. VoIP, a signal that skype and other similar applications rely on to function are blocked!

As a result you are on holiday, living in UAE (dubai, Abu Dhabi or elsewhere) and forced to pay high international rates to make international calls.This comes as a chock to you as you were hoping to use skype or a similar application while in the UAE – Unites Arab Emirates but VoIP Signal is blocked by Etisalat and Du.

We solve the problem. it is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3, problem no more! Voip will work from your location but we are sure you don’t believe it not yet anyway. The prices are very cheap and you can test it and see it perform.

Should it not work you would simply get a refund! If you are especially in Dubai or Abu Dhabi you are most likely one of the many foreigners visiting UAE.

It is your choice, do you want to use Skype and save a bundle or do you want to pay a bundle and talk a fraction of the time?? 1 – 2 – 3 – Internet use restored to european and US standards :). Do you want to unblock internet site? All sites unblocked in UAE too! How about that?!.

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